Frequently Asked Questions


How Fresh will my coffee be when I get it? 

A/  Your coffee is posted on the day it is roasted. That's why we call ourselves the "roast to post specialists!" Remember though that your order has to be processed. This means that your beans are selected and placed in the queue for roasting, allow time for that to take place before roasting and posting day. So, orders are shipped 3-5 Business days from the day you place your order. 


What about shipping?

A/ All orders are shipped Priority/ First class USPS in the USA with FREE Shipping.

International orders are subject to USPS International rates.


Who Roasts the Coffee?

A/ We do. That's how we can guarantee that it's fresh!


Do you guarantee satisfaction? 

Yes, we do! Basically, in this business, our happy customers tell their friends, who then become customers. So it's in our interest to keep you guys happy right?


OK? What's your refund policy then?

If you're not happy or your order gets lost, we'll refund you.