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Help Us to support Cat and animal lovers around the US. With every order placed, $1 will automatically
be donated to help save a Cat that is in distress, abandoned and in need! (Charity details below)

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Why buy from us and why Is Freshly Roasted Coffee So Important?

Firstly, we select the very best green coffee beans from our suppliers around the world. It's important to have a great working relationship with the growers we support. We look on them as friends or family and not just business partners.

Secondly. Coffee flavor is greatly determined by how fresh it is. The flavor is at its very best approximately three days after being roasted. This is about the exact same time that You receive your order from us after roasting and dispatch! During the roast, gases form inside of the coffee beans and it takes a few days for these to dissipate.

So taking a subscription and getting your coffee on a schedule from us might be the way to go as your coffee arrives in perfect condition! 

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Drink Coffee Help Save A Cat!

We’re Branded Pawsome.Coffee for a good reason, which is to focus more heavily on Cat Lovers as we are passionate about cats ourselves. That way, we can share with you, some of the best Coffee on the planet (and other products) whilst we all raise some extra $$$'s to help cat rescue charities

'So with that said' and with an awesome community of animal lovers, lets 'Pawsome Coffee and rescue some cats!'

*(donations from your orders are automatically deducted at the checkout and sent directly to nominated charity as above)





Our story

The business was created by the founders after spending time touring Coffee plantations in Central and South America. We wanted to bring some of the most awesome coffees to the market whilst supporting sustainable plantations across the region.We are in the speciality coffee niche, so people like yourself who buy our coffee, won't settle for anything but the best, which is what we strive to achieve. "Dedicated to the roast", that's our mantra and always will be. This is how the team at Pawsome.Coffee describe our mission in life. We appreciate that If you take your eye off the ball, things can go wrong. So we strongly focus on quality and customer service. We also noticed a few Coffee roasters like us were supporting dogs only, which is great, but we felt that was a little unfair and hence, Pawsome.Coffee was born!!

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It's great to also be associated with the animal rescue fraternity, especially for Cats. A goodly percentage of our income is diverted to these worthy causes. In fact, if you support a local rescue centre, we invite you to ask them to join our profit sharing scheme. That way, when you buy coffee (or anything else, money goes to your preferred rescue centre) it's a Pawsome plan and with your help, will help save a lot of cats!Enjoy our carefully selected products and share with your friends as we have!

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